What Are We Unfolding?

Who we are + why we're here.

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Meet The Founders

Hello! We're Katie + Nicole, Co-Founders of Unfold. We're proudly 100% women owned + operated. Thanks for being here.

Our Story

When we founded Unfold in 2014 we both had full time jobs in other fields. Our struggle to stay healthy, despite crazy schedules and demanding workloads, inspired us to create an efficient yoga program that could be practiced right at our desks. We wanted to help others do the same. And with that, Unfold was born.

We landed on the name Unfold because it speaks to what is possible.

What do you need to unfold in your life? Joy? Courage? Energy? Balance? Perhaps you want to uncover a healthier body or a calmer mind? Maybe a little gratitude is in order? 

Regardless of your intention, the practice is the same: pause, slow down, anchor yourself, and allow the present moment to arise. Gently pay attention to what is, without judgement. Get clear on what is actually happening. And be inspired by what is possible.


This is easier said than done. That’s why there are tools to apply to the practice and teachers to guide and inspire you. We’re so excited to continue this journey of introspection, mindfulness, and movement with you.

What will you Unfold?

What We Believe

Humans spend one third of their lives working. Your work might take place behind a desk, in an office or at home. Perhaps you're on the go, working in hotels and airports.

Regardless of what your work is, we believe that in order to do your best work, you need to feel your best from the inside out. To achieve this, we're guided by three core values: inspiration, practicality, and sincerity.


Small changes create

radical results.

Self-care is part of your job, not an afterthought. We inspire you to prioritize your wellbeing so you’re able to show up for your life in ways that matter most.


No fancy gear, no change of clothes, come as you are.

We teach practical techniques that can be done at the office or at home. Classes are simple enough to be done in a chair, but impactful enough to shift your entire day.


We practice

what we preach.

We show up for you the same way we show up for ourselves. Our founders not only teach classes, but they attend classes as students, in community.

Unfold With Us.

Feel Better, Work Better.

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