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10-Minute Tune-Up Membership Membership 10-Minute Tune-Up Membership

Short on time? 10-Minute Tune-Ups will get you moving, breathing, and back to work in no time. You'll be surprised how big of a difference a quick 10-minute practice makes. Small changes create big shifts. Popular tune-ups include: Tech Neck Rx, Posture Reset, and Low Back Love. Feel better, work better.

$5 / month. Cancel anytime.


Weekly 10-Minute Tune-Ups

Members receive a new 10-Minute Tune-Up class every week in their inbox to quickly refresh your body and mind. 

Tune-Ups On-Demand

Browse our robust content library of 10-Minute Tune-Up videos, and growing. Quickly filter to find exactly what you're looking for to feel better + work better.


The 10-Minute Tune-Up membership is a small part of our Unfold Digital+ subscription. You can upgrade at any time to take advantage of all our program has to offer, including: live classes 3x per week, access to all class recordings, seasonal workshops, and more!

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